• The reception is open every day from 00:00 to 24:00.

  • Reservations are valid until 16:00 *

  • Leaving the room until 11:00 *

  • Staying in the rooms after 11:00 will be charged as a new day of stay.

  • Payment methods: cash, card or bank transfer.

  • Please take care of your personal belongings. Konak is not responsible for damage or loss.

  • All complaints can be reported to the administration no later than the time of leaving the room at the end of stay.

  • Written House Rules are located in a prominent place in each of the 15 rooms.

  • All prices are without tourist tax.

  • Tourist tax is 160.00 dinars.

  • Limit: one person per bed.

  • You are responsible for the inventory of the Konak, and any damage must be reported.

  • Password for the use of the wireless Internet can be found in each room, or you can ask our staff.

  • WiFi password is: vukasinovic

*Please confirm later arrivals by phone confirmation or simply pay accommodation in advance.
sala konak naslovna

Why Choose Konak For Your Stay in Belgrade?

  • "Comfortable rooms and apartments that have all the necessary facilities for a pleasant stay."

  • "Affordable prices and location just near the city are just the right reasons to choose us."

  • "Superb menu, bespoke service and generous assistance in organizing weddings and other celebrations."